You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Tap water: As we begin our travels in South East asia, I cannot emphasise it enough on how grateful I am that we have access to clean water back home – for bathing, drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth and for every day living. Realised that we certainly take the convenience of “tap water” for granted.

Street lights: Being able to walk at night and being able to see where you’re going! Realised that we we have limited choices in getting around – we like waking to explore but it’s not always the safest thing to do as tourists. Even walking to a shop 700m away will require you to take a taxi or have someone else drop you off. 

Public transport: Being able to feel safe and independent in exploring your own city. Having that choice to either drive or take a bus, train or taxi. Access to alternative modes of public transport is nonexistent or not advisable in other countries. Sure, Australian public transport could be improved – but we appreciate it simply because we have that choice!

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