Cultural immersion and mindfulness

I am grateful that I am able to communicate in the global lingua franca. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have for being able to write, speak and understand English. Travelling made us realise that most people associate learning the English language with better opportunities.

Realising that our family dog (Kadie) has the best quality of life back home. I see stray cats and dogs everywhere with nowhere to go. As an animal lover, my heart breaks every time I see them roaming the streets. But not only domesticated pets, tourism has also affected elephants, monkeys, tigers and other native animals in the region. I have become more aware and passionate in supporting ethical sanctuaries and doing some research before paying for anything to do with the local animals.

We often take for granted where our food comes from. Farming is hard work. We’ve come to appreciate all the fresh produce that we have back home. In the places that we’ve visited so far, fresh produce isn’t of the same quality, yes, they’re certainly cheaper but with limited access to advanced agricultural technology or even just the ideal environment, variety and quality are compromised.

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