You get what you pay for

I promise not to take the beaches for granted back home – Our beautiful, pristine and clean beaches. It has somehow put us off going to the beach while travelling as most, if not all, require you to pay a small fee just to be there. It’ll then cost you more if you want to use the sun lounge and an umbrella. It’s not much but I find it hard to part with my money when I’ve not really seen anything that can compare to the beaches that we have back home.

I never knew using public toilets would cost us until we’ve began travelling. It’s a basic human necessity and yet, if you can’t pay, to have to find somewhere else to go. Why do you have to pay? To pay for someone to clean the toilets and for maintenance. Everyone should have access to toilets but it seems that’s not the case in Asia – what if you can’t afford it? 

Tipping. This is the one activity that I am yet to get used to. We rarely do this back home but here, you do it ALL THE TIME. I understand that a lot of people rely on tips as they usually do not get paid very well, which made me realise why we don’t do it back home – because we are paid well. 

Tourism has certainly affected customs and certain way of living in the developing countries, the people are always finding opportunities to earn a living and thats great, but yet I feel that there is no structure and leadership is lacking to improve everyone’s living conditions. 

We find that our biggest challenge while travelling is to continually keep an open mind, even if you think the situation is wrong – life goes on. 

Be thankful, complain less and give more.


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