How to gain more from your weekend

Honestly speaking, we can all do a simple gesture to improve our health. The simplest of ways could be something to do with our diet, habits, exercise, and mindset – nothing new here, right? we all know what is good for us and what is bad. We are the most informed society wherein everything we need to know is available within just a few clicks. Yet we seem to disregard the most important thing that we have… Our health and wellbeing. We can easily find ways to lose weight, exercise and finally give up our bad habits, yet we always seem to find ways to leave it for “next week” or use an excuse to “start over on Monday”.

Why not start today? Get off the couch, turn that television off and simply go for a walk. Yes, this won’t change your life immediately but it’s a start, right? We used to use the say that we had the television on purely for “white noise” or “background noise” – we weren’t really watching. Every so often, we would end up glued to an advertisement, commercial or another re-run episode of Friends , the next thing we know, we’ve been watching for over the next hour or so when we told ourselves this morning that we would go for a walk right after dinner.

One Saturday morning, we made the decision to not turn the television on for the whole day. The silence of no advertisements, commercials, news and television series allowed us to actually do what we wanted to do. We wanted to prioritise our health and wellbeing so we made a deliberate effort to eliminate the distraction and acted upon our goal by walking and just being out and about.

We remembered when we were younger and didn’t have the luxury of a car. We walked everywhere, to the mall, to the cinemas, we caught public transport and walked some more. We never complained because we wanted to be at certain places and needed to be doing this and that. What we’ve done is no different. We want to “improve” our health and well being, so we stopped at nothing to get there, we just “did” what ever it took. It’s cliche – but we absolutely stopped making excuses. After a few weeks of not turning the television on, we realised just how much time there was in the day. Our weekends actually felt like mini-holidays.

The biggest reward was that we found ourselves having more energy throughout the day. We were able to focus on things we wanted to do, finish that task at home that we just kept putting aside and actually live life rather than watch it on a screen.

So should we all just have a break from the television?

Or maybe it can wait until next week?

Life is a choice the choice is yours…

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