How selfish are we?

Our environment gives us so much and yet in many places around the world there is such a complete disregard for its health.

The lack of education, leadership, and support from developing countries is severely affecting the problem of pollution. It is alarming and heartbreaking to witness this firsthand.

Our environment provides us with water source used essentially for all our basic living activities. It provides us and other living things with food and shelter. We all know about this, surely? I don’t know why I even have to write about this but we’ve seen such appalling conditions, it’s beyond belief.

For us humans, our environment is also a source of income, a source of livelihood to sustain a comfortable way of life – imagine a life without water, without trees and plants, our species will not survive.

These are the most basic of examples as to how our environment keeps giving, there’s plenty more… Think about the most simple of reasons why we should take care of our environment, it affects us significantly and yet we keep taking from it and do not seem to care how to maintain and care for it.

What a shame.

Through our travels we have found a new sense of awareness and will strive to start with us, our own actions, to help in our own way. In about three weeks, we will return home. One of the first few things on our to do list is to watch these doco’s

Have you watched these? Do you have other doco’s that you can recommend? We’d love to hear from you.

Thankful for the condition of our environment back home but theres more that we can do. And if we can inspire and do more to reach others then it would have a much more significant impact.

Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied

Dale Carnegie

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