Quick to anger

We experienced first hand how to singlehandedly ruin your day just because you somehow felt disadvantaged or inconvenienced. The immediate need to react and lash out without thinking overcomes us all so quickly we don’t even realise we’re doing it. We are all so quick to anger, quick to judge and quick to be so emotionally charged that we lose ourselves completely to the most negative of emotions. And that’s pretty sad.

Let me share a story…

We were at a small day spa and wanted to book for a massage a few hours in advance. The lady didn’t speak much English but we ‘agreed’ on a 6:00 PM appointment.

We came back 10 minutes before 6, and noticed a few people across the road looking at us, somewhat perplexed, as we walked in.

A couple walked in, I heard the lady say something like, “they’re now waiting for their turn” looking at our direction. The masseuse at the counter looked confused and bothered. She called in another masseuse as they try to work things out. We still have no idea what’s going on until another two ladies walked in and said that they had overbooked and they are also waiting for their turn and have been waiting across the road, where the couple were also sitting and waiting.

The two ladies were telling both masseuse that they want their massage done now as their friend was already inside, while the couple were so annoyed that the man huffed and puffed walking out of the spa clearly displeased and agitated. The look on his face said it all.

Meanwhile, the masseuse were struggling to find a solution to their dilemma let alone trying to explain everything in English to the two ladies who weren’t the most understanding.

We got up. Told the two ladies it’s fine that they have their massage. We told the masseuse that we can come back another time and that it was not a problem at all. We assured them it’s all fine, smiled at them, thanked them and waved goodbye.

The two ladies thanked us and so did the two masseuse, I think they were relieved more than anything.

How many times have we reacted the way that the couple and the ladies have? Numerous times.

By being comfortable in the background, understanding the situation without being biased by your emotions, it felt a LOT better to be the one who was kind, who was patient, who was willing to make a sacrifice with no strings attached.

We made a promise to be that person every single day. We made a promise to each other that we will always think before we act.

We decided to post this story as a follow up to our previous post “What’s your problem?” and to somehow trigger reflection and thought. It was such a powerful and enlightening experience to be that kind of person. Not every situation requires your reaction. There are other bigger and better things that you could be using your energy towards. Things that bring you and others joy and happiness.

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