Travelling light (and cheap)

Using hotel toiletries whenever possible! We love freebies! Nothing is spared, shampoo, soap are the most important but we also took the free toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, razor, and cotton tips! They saved us a few dollars along the way which we spent on food instead!

Packed the free hotel razor from some hotels we’ve stayed at so we can use it later for shaving! No need to buy!

No shampoo? No worries, we use soap all over! Seriously. Yes, we used soap to clean our hair!

No shower? No worries, we quickly became comfortable with the grub life. Happened to us a few times while we’re away. Yes, it wasn’t the most pleasant feeling but trust us, it was not the worst thing in the world.

Some of the beds were quite small, so much so that our feet were hanging off the bed. Didn’t bother us one bit, we mastered the art of sleeping diagonally!

Other times we had twin beds where the aircon was absolutely freezing or when we were up in Cameron Highlands or Kinabalu Park where temperatures dropped down to single digits. No heater? No worries, we also mastered the art of sleeping soundly on a single bed!

Thank you to all those who run their own laundry service or opened a self-serve laundromats for us to use. We packed so light that we need to launder our clothes every so often, after we wear our clothes a couple of times (after airing them out first of course!)

Thank you for the street food and the cheap grub. We will miss it terribly. How we’ll survive eating out back home, we don’t know. We’ll probably do so once every two months after getting used to the prices of food in Asia. We never went to fancy places, we ate street food/food court as much as possible and it saved us a lot of money for other important things!

We sweat a lot. Yep, big sweaters. We sweat it out when we’re out and about but after 3months it seems that we have become acclimatised to the weather. At least we escaped Melbourne’s winter this year, but it’ll be interesting how we’ll far against Melbourne weather!…at least it’ll be towards the end of winter.

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