Home is where…

Two weeks in and it’s surprising how quickly we’ve adjusted. I think we’re still settling in but we both know that it’ll be ‘temporary’ as we’ve already planned (and booked) to be away for a month in 6 month’s time.

We moved to Melbourne a few short weeks before we went on our big Southeast Asia trip. So coming back ‘home’ is still very much ‘new’ to us. We’re still trying to figure out the roads, where to go and what to do, so in some ways we’re still in our holiday mindset as we slowly get used to calling Melbourne home.

Everything else is quite familiar though and it is nice to be back to that. Our first week back was a blur, we had to come back to progress the process of building our dream home so we had to prioritise getting all the necessary arrangements during that week. So before we could even reflect and I talk about our trip we went straight into ‘first world’ mode – meeting with the lighting consultant, emails, phone calls to the builder, designer and trying to get all the necessities done for the house.

At the start of the second week, I was becoming restless. I was happy to take on any casual job that when a cafe all-rounder presented itself I jumped on it. It didn’t work out though. I didn’t have the right mindset, it wasn’t the right fit, I was not prepared to be there and be working on my feet 8 hours straight with one toilet break. I’ve done that before, I knew it was going to be tough but this time around I wasn’t having any of it. I swiftly forgot the lessons learned and the promises we made to ourselves during our time off.

After that experience, I realised a few things upon coming back home.

1. It’s OK to be restless. We’re back home, we’re trying to find some normality wherein we don’t have to live out of a suitcase (or a backpack, in our case). So we went straight into it – the familiar routine. Keen to start working as soon as possible without thinking about what we promised ourselves when we’re away…

2. We vowed to only do things that we love, something that is significant or things that interests us. We are very fortunate to be in this position: where we could be picky with our jobs. But that’s what we do right? In the western world, we all have to work and make some money to pay for our lifestyle. Many of us are miserable at work but why stay and go through it all day in and out? There are endless reasons, but for us, we have a choice. We worked hard to have that choice. Yes, we still want to work BUT we now have the freedom to choose. Not driven by money, status nor prestige – we want to work based on our terms and conditions without the influence of ‘affluenza’ nor consumerist values.

3. We want to invest time on us. Not to be controlled by our jobs. We will no longer allow our jobs to take over, we used to plan our lives around our jobs. That became our priority – our jobs. Sad but true. So we’re now more aware to spend our time wisely, see the world, give back, do what we love, explore our own country, whatever it may be as long as we are sharing and experiencing things together.

We are so grateful to be where we are now and to have this kind of mindset. It takes a lot of dedication, discipline, self-awareness, honesty and open-mindedness to reflect, catch yourself, act and go against everyone else.

Home is where you want it to be. Home is what you make it out to be. You have total control of what you choose to plant and cultivate there, what you reap, you will sow. Make your home a happy and peaceful place to live in. How YOU like it and remove the tendencies to impress or keep up with everyone else.

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