After putting ourselves out there, we realised that there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about how we have chosen to live our life and if we can inspire others to make a change for the better then that would be the best outcome with us taking a risk. We once heard that you should try to live a better life than yesterday and leave the world a much kinder place than it was before you were here, so why not share our story to help inspire others…

Our life now was 5 years in the making (started in 2015). This life is a result of our great team work, communication, and more importantly respect and unconditional love for each other.

We are not special, we are not unique, we share the same problems as everyone. We know that our lifestyle is not for everyone, it is ‘ours’ afterall. We created this. We were inspired by a lot of people from all walks of life, so much so that we chose to take action and live the life that meant something to us.

We wanted this life to be through our own actions drawing inspiration from others, people who had ideas that we resonated with but also conscious enough not to judge, emulate, and believe that there is a one size fits all, by blindly following someone’s exact footsteps or something.
(As Scott Pape would say “Tread your own path”).

We took stock of what were truly important to us and we chose these:

– We chose not to live an excessive consumerist lifestyle.

– We chose to have ZERO debt. No credit cards, loans nor mortgage.

– The strategy that we chose to achieve financial independence is by investing in shares (ETF’s / LIC) and to eventually retire early earning a passive income and not rely on the government/pension.

– We chose to stay curious and open-minded about optimising our life – in all facets of it such as finance, health, fitness, and nutrition.

– We chose to welcome change rather than avoid it.

– We chose to say NO and not follow what everyone else is doing or because we felt obliged to do something.

– We chose to go against the grain, be ‘weird’ and surround ourselves with people that have either done the same and those who supported us 100%.

Being honest about all of these isn’t easy nor convenient, it took a lot of time and effort and sure, we lost friends in the process but this is the life that WE CHOSE.

“This is the pain that we’ve chosen” (Thanks Mark Manson). Some might think that our life is extreme, boring or unrealistic but what matters is that we chose to live like this because it makes us happy, content and because we had a vision as to what our future would look like.

We chose to sacrifice a lot of things and get rid of everything that didn’t add any value to our lives or was the source of constant stress and unhappiness. We focused on us rather than what everyone else is doing/saying around us.

We are happy. Our basic needs are met everyday (shelter, food, clean drinking water, education and clothing), we get to do things that we actually want to do such as, to travel more and choose meaningful paid or unpaid work. We are healthy, we wake up grateful for each day and are loved by our family and friends, if you ask us, we’re living our #lifegoals right this very moment – we embrace it all, whatever comes with it: the good and the bad, they’re all part of life.

So, focus on yourself. Take stock of your life. Be ruthless in being honest about it. Read. Educate yourself. Be Kind. Stay curious. Take action.
Do what works for you and do it now.

As the saying goes…

If something isn’t adding up in life, then maybe it’s time you start subtracting.

  • 2008 – First proper full-time employment
  • 2009 – Purchased first property in Sydney
  • ’10-’11 Paying down the mortgage
  • 2012 – Got married 10.11.12 (10 Nov 2012)
  • ’13-’14 continue paying down the mortgage
  • 2015 – Stumbled across Minimalism and Barefoot Investor
  • 2016 – Bought a block of land in Melbourne
    Sold Sydney property to become mortgage free
    Miguel quit full-time job
  • 2017 – Fayme quit full-time job
    Relocated to Melbourne
    Spent 4 months travelling South East Asia
    Discovered FIRE movement and started to put things into place
  • 2018 – Sold Melbourne block of land
    Emergency fund in place
    Committed to investing all remaining funds into the Stock Market
  • 2019 – Achieved Barista FIRE
    Committing to casual/temp employment (while being open to explore other opportunities that resonates with us)
    Domestic and International trips interspersed throughout the year
    Finding a good balance between travel and working towards FIRE.
  • 2020 – Slow FI
    Volunteering for 8 weeks (December 2019 – February 2020)
    Travelling to South Asia #srilanka #india #maldives
    Open to explore meaningful employment opportunities
    Move close to the city?
    Move close to the beach?

…and as you’ve made it this far, here’s a compilation of links, videos, documentaries and books about topics that have inspired us. Just sharing the love and hope these inspire you too! Click here